Finding The Right Metal Detector For You

The vast ocean of detectors seem limitless, you can find simple, intermediate and complex detectors. The golden rules of thumb are how often you will use it, where you intend hunting and how deep down it can detect metals. The easiest ones offer fewer features, buttons and cost a lot less. Hit the start button and your good to go!

Metal Detectors Reviews

Metal detecting for treasure or relic detectors are typically used on land, in the woods, parks, beaches or famous landmarks if allowed. A creek, river or stream banks near the water are gold mines and even a few inches into the water are excellent spots. The coil needs to be waterproof which is fairly common in almost every metal detector today.

Why does the metal in my body not set off airport metal detectors?

I flipped an ATV last year and have 17 screws in my knee, and a titanium rod in my femur (thigh bone) that’s 44cm long x 2cm diameter. That’s 17″ by 2″.

Basically, a lot of metal.

I often fly, so I’m just wondering why I never set off the metal detectors? There must be some explanation.

Asked by:sol.canberra

  • sparkey posted: 20 Jun at 3:16 pm

    most of the metal is titanium and inside you and the detectors are set to detect surface metal like buckles etc

  • mfiazah posted: 22 Jun at 11:58 pm

    makes me question our security system… I wonder if you “inserted” a bomb in your body would you still pass.

    I can’t answer that question but it makes me think.

  • Rob B posted: 26 Jun at 2:40 am

    The metal used in such surgical repairs is non-ferrous which is a good thing because you don’t want that to rust. Non-ferrous metals do not set off magnetic detectors such as at the airport.

  • “NED KELLY” is SPUD posted: 28 Jun at 1:50 pm

    You can’t pick up stainless steel (318 /316?non ferrous won’t rust) with a magnet i can get through airport security with my zippo lighter,i have a bolt in my right shoulder and a small ***** in my right ankle,mine was motor bike also

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