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The vast ocean of detectors seem limitless, you can find simple, intermediate and complex detectors. The golden rules of thumb are how often you will use it, where you intend hunting and how deep down it can detect metals. The easiest ones offer fewer features, buttons and cost a lot less. Hit the start button and your good to go!

Metal Detectors Reviews

Metal detecting for treasure or relic detectors are typically used on land, in the woods, parks, beaches or famous landmarks if allowed. A creek, river or stream banks near the water are gold mines and even a few inches into the water are excellent spots. The coil needs to be waterproof which is fairly common in almost every metal detector today.

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TREASURE UNDER YOUR FEET: Adventurer’s Hand Book of Metal Detecting. (Paperback)

TREASURE UNDER YOUR FEET: Adventurer's Hand Book of Metal Detecting.No description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.

Metal Detecting for the Beginner (Kindle Edition)

Metal Detecting for the Beginner

Product Description
Step into the exciting world of metal detecting, where you can literally find treasures right beneath your feet! A great outdoor hobby that teaches you about geology, physics, and local history, as well as providing pockets full of coins, jewelry, and historic artifa (more…)

All About Metal Detecting (Kindle Edition)

All About Metal Detecting

Product Description
Table of ContentsMetal Detecting for HobbyistsMetal detecting for beginnersMetal Detecting EthicsThe History of Metal DetectionOld yet good stores that sell metal detectorsFinding the Right Metal Detector DealerHow to Find the Best Cheap Metal DetectorHow to Buy a Me (more…)

Metal Detecting for the Beginner (Paperback)

Metal Detecting for the Beginner

Product Description
“Metal Detecting for the Beginner” is a how-to guide for anyone interested in the sport of metal detecting. Get a feel for a typical hunt; learn key terminology, and how to buy your first detector. This book guides you through the technical concepts you will need to (more…)

Treasures You Can Find (Paperback)

Treasures You Can Find

Product Description
For twenty-nine years the author has searched for lost treasure with a metal detector. His search has led him from the panhandle of Oklahoma to the Wichita Mountains in Southwestern Oklahoma, hunting abandon homesteads, ghost towns, army camps, cache hunting, and Spa (more…)

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