Finding The Right Metal Detector For You

The vast ocean of detectors seem limitless, you can find simple, intermediate and complex detectors. The golden rules of thumb are how often you will use it, where you intend hunting and how deep down it can detect metals. The easiest ones offer fewer features, buttons and cost a lot less. Hit the start button and your good to go!

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Metal detecting for treasure or relic detectors are typically used on land, in the woods, parks, beaches or famous landmarks if allowed. A creek, river or stream banks near the water are gold mines and even a few inches into the water are excellent spots. The coil needs to be waterproof which is fairly common in almost every metal detector today.

What do you think about this plan to protect the students? Have all of the schools install metal detectors?

that can automatically close and lock all of the doors in the school the minute a large enough piece of metal like a gun can be detected, with signals being sent to all rooms in the building, and to the security police of the institution involved.

We now have companies that have similar devices to detect explosives and can detect the gun powder in the guns shells and these devises should be used in conjunction with the metal detectors!

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Can metal detectors estimate the amount of metal detected?

Can any modern metal detectors (civilian or otherwise) estimate the amount of metal it is detecting?

If this is true, can it also detect the amount of each individual metal it detects?

Example: If a penny was buried, could a metal detector tell the user that it detects X amount of copper, etc?

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How do you get into the metal detecting hobby?

Could you guys maybe recommend a good starter unit to buy or ideal places to go metal detecting? I’ve been watching some videos about it on YouTube but can’t seem to find a good starting point. All I know is it seems interesting and something I’d like to get in to.

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Metal Detector finds three 44 D’s and Silver


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