Finding The Right Metal Detector For You

The vast ocean of detectors seem limitless, you can find simple, intermediate and complex detectors. The golden rules of thumb are how often you will use it, where you intend hunting and how deep down it can detect metals. The easiest ones offer fewer features, buttons and cost a lot less. Hit the start button and your good to go!

Metal Detectors Reviews

Metal detecting for treasure or relic detectors are typically used on land, in the woods, parks, beaches or famous landmarks if allowed. A creek, river or stream banks near the water are gold mines and even a few inches into the water are excellent spots. The coil needs to be waterproof which is fairly common in almost every metal detector today.

Does anyone know any good sites about metal detectors?

I love to use my metal detector ,does anyone know of any good web sites that can give me tips on using my metal detector my effectively?

Asked by:Your D

Why are air travelers required to have their shoes searched by metal detectors at airports?

Those metal detectors can’t detect the type of explosives hidden in footwear. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Asked by:retrotrancer

Metal Detectors in NYC tourist attractions?

I’m planning my first NYC trip and I’ve heard that a folding knife with blade under 4″ is legal in that city.

I’ve heard the empire state building and the statue of liberty checks tourists with metal detectors. Can I ask one of the guards to hold my knife before I walk in and get it back when I leave?

Is it safe to walk around in the city? What areas should I avoid?

Asked by:Test

is metal detecting a good hobby?

just got my 1st detector.

is it best to go detecting alone or join a club?
and where are some good sites?

Asked by:wayneypayney

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