Finding The Right Metal Detector For You

The vast ocean of detectors seem limitless, you can find simple, intermediate and complex detectors. The golden rules of thumb are how often you will use it, where you intend hunting and how deep down it can detect metals. The easiest ones offer fewer features, buttons and cost a lot less. Hit the start button and your good to go!

Metal Detectors Reviews

Metal detecting for treasure or relic detectors are typically used on land, in the woods, parks, beaches or famous landmarks if allowed. A creek, river or stream banks near the water are gold mines and even a few inches into the water are excellent spots. The coil needs to be waterproof which is fairly common in almost every metal detector today.

Do they use metal detectors at concerts?

I’m going to a concert tonight and I’m bringing my digital camera. I’m gonna hide it in my bra (Lol!) because you can’t tell at all that it’s there. But do they use metal detectors? I hope not! =/
It’s the Celine Dion concert by the way. Please answer I’m leaving soon!
Tacoma Dome.

Asked by:Missy_Chick.

Does a nose ring set off metal detectors?

Would a nose ring set off airport metal detectors? If so do you think they would make me take it out?

Asked by:Chaquita

G1 Tips And Tricks – How To Turn Your G1 Into A Metal Detector

Taxi Service: to use handheld metal detectors on riders or not?

I am in the early planning stages of starting a taxi/transportation service in a town of 15,000. Would it be a good idea to scan all male passengers over age of 12 for weapons with a handheld metal detector in order to prevent robberies? Is this a good idea, or is it going a little too far? If so, what alternatives could I take?

Asked by:The Wasp

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